Who am I?


I have been writing and recording music for nearly four decades. Performing solo and in bands throughout North America. I'm lucky enough to be in the company of the finest musicians and learn as much as I can. All during these times I've pursued  writing, playing and recording all of my own original music too.

When I lived back east, I was building recording studios for a few famous and not so famous people.  I was involved in many aspects of the music business in the late '70s while growing up in New Jersey and New York. Spent the early 80's in Woodstock NY and had the pleasure of being around that scene of musicians and learned a bunch. The business of music was changing and I knew that traveling was in my future.

I came out to California in the late 80's and in the early '90's  to build my personal studio in Scotts Valley CA. At that time computers were  taking off and digital was finding a solid footing.  I embraced the digital recording process and never looked back at analog.

Through the years I've recorded music for video, radio jingles and my own brand of music. Now I split my time up between Sedona, AZ and the Bay Area, CA   I enjoy traveling the world playing and recording my tunes wherever I am.

What have I been doing?

Lately staying busy with design work over at IntimoMedia along with putting together a collection of new music for the recording entitled "Traveler"  I am also jamming with local musicians and developing a few sets of live songs for gigs.

Spending more time fine tuning guitar tones on the Roland VG-99 which will allow for quick access to any guitar sound or tuning instantly. Also I am putting more time in on music theory and digging back into the circle of fifths, scales and  memorizing the notes on the neck. 

I am rotating playing between Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars and the Godin electric. The acoustic is so easy as it has no technology connected to it, just pick it up and play. 

I have reconnected with a childhood friend Greg Stephens, he is an accomplished Flamenco guitarist and West African drum master  - now there's a combination...  We plan to get back where we started many moons ago and create music together and see where we are - Geo-timeshifting through Logic 9 and Skype to get the ball rolling. Good things take time and timing is everything.

Finally,  I think I am at the point where technology and creativity has a nice balance and we now can create, publish and deliver the music without any obstacles - this is both amazing and scary. I hope to come up with my best work now and get it out there! 

What am I working on now?

  • Jamming and putting together a new music group to perform a blend of acoustic and electronic music.
  • Writing and recording a new album of music using different tunings on the Taylor 6 & 12 string guitar. 
  • New recordings of my original guitar ambient music using the Roland VG99 and Godin guitar.
  • Writing two movie scripts; one set in Kauai Hawaii, and one in the Grand Canyon, Arizona.