Music for Dreaming

The recording "Music for Dreaming" is  inspired by travels to Escalante, Moab Utah and Sedona Arizona. Pasquale weaves acoustic guitar, guitar Synth and grooves. The music will transport you to the Red Rock Canyons full of native spirit.


Holiday at Fernwood

The special recording "Holiday at Fernwood" is a collection of smooth grooves, with acoustic and electric guitar work. Inspired by visions of the Santa Cruz Mountains, wine harvest and the beauty along Redwood Retreat Road.

Mister E Jams

Back in the '90's there was a place just off the highway on a canyon road, where musicians would gather for fun, food and music.  It became known as Mister E Music in Scotts Valley, California. Many great friendships, jam sessions and recordings came out of that studio in the '90's - I found some tunes on a storage drive and decided to put them up in the raw...

Musicians include: Pasquale, John Parker, Alan Henly, Constantine Nickolas, Pat Tinney

Reach for Peace

Reach for Peace paints a beautiful aural landscape. This recording is an acoustic - electric guitar journey. Comprised of two thirty minute pieces of music, Pasquale blends his original style of guitar and ambient sounds into a sonic landscape, propelling this genre of music into the new millennium.. 


Fun little tunes  I created for soundtrack music  used on various works for hire and also video tracks at for expedition and instructional videos and Off-Highway Adventures.

Mud Spit Mandrel

The soundtrack recording, "Mud Spit Mandrel" is full of dark and heavy guitar soundtrack music, written and performed by Pasquale for the "History of the LandCruiser" DVD documentary - recorded and produced by Steev Dinkins at  HolyZoo Studio in Mountain View, CA - for iProductions in Canada.  I showed up with a handful of ideas and Steev really lit the way on this recording. These tunes are short and to the point.