Barn Concert - Fred Eaglesmith

How could it get any better than an intimate setting for live music than someone's living room, back yard or barn...  I've been lucky enough to be invited to a few of these shows and its a great time. You are in a very small venue, in this case a "vintage barn" in a low key setting, with a bunch of friends. 

I have not seen Fred Eaglesmith or new of his music, so I got on pandora and spent the week before listening to several of his songs. His music didn't really resonate with me, (mostly due to it being with a full band) until I saw him perform live in this barn. He is a excellent, insightful songwriter and a very funny storyteller. The show was about two hours long and involved people in audience responding to his stories. He has a large collection of original music that speaks of real life experiences, life on the road, and relationships. I really enjoyed his Americana guitar tone and live sound. If you have the chance stop in a see Fred...