Godin Guitar and the Roland Vg-99

The idea of using a guitar for more than just a guitar has always been my quest. I recently ditched the PRS and GK3 for the Godin LGXT  - it comes synth access and 13 pin ready.  A perfect fit for the Vg-99.


I recently sent the Godin back out for a tune up and adjutsment to have it fit my playing style  Due to its newness, the Godin  is stil requiring adjustments and will keep at it until it sets in and wil hold intonation and feel good to play.

Roland VG-99

The guitar modeling is amazing as well as the lush effects, and synthy goodness!

I've been going into the editor and setting up great tones, with categories, acoustic, electric., synth, etc. Along with various alternative tunings, switching on the fly and eq. I have it set up with many different string tunings which make for easy switching back and forth into wild tunings instantly.

 ** Listen for it on the coming recordings...