Jamming Solo in the Desert - at Swansea Arizona

I had the chance to meet friends at the annual FZB (Feuerzangenbowle) celebration. The group has been meeting in the desert for the past ten years. This year it was held at Swansea, AZ - now a ghost town. It was a copper mining camp back in 1907 - the BLM has taken good care of the area and set up camping locations. The views were impressive at sunset. We had the chance to hike to the top of the highest peak ( Clares peak)  what a view!  It was F'n cold at night - really cold... Everyone hung out around the campfire at night until they were tired. There were a select few of us who stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, watching the moon rise above the mountains, marveling at the open sky and a million stars, sharing stories and laughing, music and yeah drinks!

This video is from one of the nights, when our host cooked up the (FZB) flaming drink - that warmed everyone on this cold desert night.  I played the Taylor guitar along with a Roland battery power amp and looper. I jammed well into the morning hours. This video was shot hand held by my good friend Chris Marzonie, with his Canon 7D camera. See more of Chris's fantastic photography here -

Enjoy this unedited - shot from the hip - awesome cool video...    Thanks Chris!