Killer Guitar Tunings

I have always challenged my playing and my mind with different tunings on the acoustic guitar as early as I can remember. I started with a 12 string way back, it was a Yamaha acoustic. I was always amazed at the sounds I could produce - yeah a bitch to keep in tune, but still fun and loose.

Baby Taylor in Death Valley National Park

I rewed my interest in the open tuning and have my Taylor 6 string tuned in DADGAD tuning.  Been spending time creating new chords and sounds for a new album coming up. I have also got into learning Sligo Creek by Al Petteway - damn what a cool tune!  

It is also the soundtrack to Ken Burns National Park Series and where I first heard the song.  The chords were hauntingly familiar and its because I have played many of those chords so many moons ago when I was experimenting.