Live music

Going to see live music is still a happening thing to do in the bigger cites and some smaller towns. As a matter of fact, possibly even more than ever. The smaller venue stages are promoting many of the once larger touring bands.  This makes it a great time to see live music in your town.

We're heading up to the Uptown Theater in Napa, CA to see Joe Satriani's new band and hear them play the new album, "Black Swans and Worm Hole Wizards."  Joe has been feeding his fans with Podcasts of the songs and video of the recording process at Skywalker Sound in Marin County Ca. 


I've watched Joe Satriani for many years and been to a handful of his shows throughout the years. The one thing about Joe is - he enjoys playing, is a consummate showman, great guitarist, and he never disappoints the crowd.

After watching the podcasts I have no doubt that this will be an amazing show!