Logic Pro = Creating new music

After a year of jamming on open tunings and working out new chord structures and patterns, I am firing up Logic Pro and getting busy recording tracks.  I am going to start backwards and lay down acoustic guitar parts first, then work on percussion, drumming and keyboard tracks. Then if I need to, re-record the basic guitar parts if they don't sound strong enough.  I sometime like to work this way as its more creative and less technology and more creative. Compared to many of the other music creation apps out there, Logic Pro is very intuitive and fun to work with.

Who needs a plan when creating music - right?

I also have many past tracks and audio samples from previous work that occasionally I like to slip into the process. On set pf tracks in particular was something recorded 12 years ago in my past stuido "Mister E"  The tracks were recorded by my Friend and music/tech genius Steev Dinkins at HolyZoo he was working on tracks with his drummer KennyPardo and I asked to sit in with my 12 string and see what happens. Kenny was amazing and put down some awesome trakcs.  12 years later I found those hidden files, listened and thought? "Hey this is good stuff..."

... Yeah, time to create new music.