The Road between here and there

I have always had wanderlust... from an early age of 12, when I hitchhiked to my first concert festival in Watkins Glen NY and saw many really famous superstars from that era. Since then I have always traveled from here to there and back again. The backroads are the most interesting, this is where you will find everything from Americana  Diners,  Retro Kitsch,  small towns and ghost towns - to the Coconut Man (more on him in future blogs)   

My road trip back from Sedona was filled with highway obstacles, back roads, desert sunsets and camping by the Colorado River at the border where Arizona meets California.  

Everything comes together when that fat old sun sets into the west and night time arrives. As the camp fire light and smell of the river moving by, make for a superb backdrop for endless solo guitar playing, writing and working out new material.

...I have always had wanderlust.